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How Can Cloud Benefit Your Company?

Many businesses are using the cloud to avoid infrastructure spending and to work anywhere. The cloud generally trades an upfront capital investment for monthly rental fees. And since data is no longer local, a move to the cloud often includes apps that facilitate working from anywhere.

What Should Move to the Cloud?

It is often cost-effective to move email to the cloud. Outlook and Microsoft's Office365.com email service are a very good pair. Other applications often require a bit of study. For example, does the software maker offer the software in a cloud version? Or, what is the cost of renting a SQL server to run that application in the cloud?

Sounds Good. How Do We Get That Done?

Tekniq can work with you to assist with moving applications to the cloud. Use the Contact Us form to initiate a meeting, and we can work together to figure out a good plan, and execute it.


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